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Pantai Juara, Pahang
Pantai Juara; the most right in the map

I must say that Juara has unspoiled beaches, luxurious greenery and fascinating coral reefs. It is located at the East of Tioman Island. As opposed to the west, this beach is less populated and secluded so people can definitely find tranquility here. I am in love with the crystal clear waters and the clean environment around it. Such a perfect place to clear the mind.

Pantai Juara

I do not really like ocean waves and the good news is the beach has almost no waves at all! I get to spend my time floating happily on the water, facing the blazingly hot sun. Do not forget to bring along your sunscreen when you come here, except for the people who love to sunbathing. 

Cute and friendly fishes

I did not snorkel here because I have had a snorkelling experience at other place before but from my reading in blogs, they usually recommend to snorkel here because the fishes are friendly. Buy some bread to feed the hungry fishes. They will surround you and it feels so good to be around the fishes and splashing waters.

Above all, Pantai Juara wins my heart because of its privacy and well kept beach environment. Come here and experience it yourself. Spare some time out of your busy schedule and head over to Pantai Juara. I was able to reset my mood and I bet you too.

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Pantai Cenang, Kedah

Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang is situated in Langkawi, Kedah and it has always been a must-go destination for beach lovers. Let me tell you that Langkawi has 99 other small islands around it. If you love to be around with a lot of people, this beach is suitable for you. As for me, I do not really like crowded place so I choose Pantai Juara over Pantai Cenang yet Cenang is awesome too, regardless.

I discovered that if you want to find a secluded one, walk further up to Casa del Mar Resort is located where the beach there is much quiet and nicer. Pantai Cenang is constantly busy, especially during the local school and public holidays so my advice is try to avoid the super peak season which is from December to January. What makes it crowded is because foreigners from all over the world come to Langkawi; the duty free zone.

Shops at Jalan Pantai Cenang

I like Pantai Cenang because of the easy access as it is located alongside Jalan Pantai Cenang which is the main road along the beach. You can find rows of shops, restaurants and resorts which divides the main road from the beach too. Good news for outdoor activities lovers, try out the para-sailing, jet ski and banana boats packages it offers. I have not tried para-sailing before so I am planning of trying it soon on my next trip to Cenang. A little reminder, be extra careful of the motorized sports happening nearby. It can be unsafe for passer by especially for children. 


Jet ski at Cenang

While you are there, go out and explore the beauty it owns and do not forget to shop for chocolates too at Langkawi. You will be thinking of buying all the chocolates there, I assure you. Keep your things safe and attended at all times in case of any dissapperance. It was all safe during my stay there so I am just reminding you beforehand.

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