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Welcome to Malaysia!

Map of Malaysia

First of all, allow me to introduce the country of my pride. For your information, Malaysia is almost as varied as its culture. It has 11 states and two federal territories namely Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya which form Peninsular Malaysia.  East Malaysia is separated with the west by the South China Sea which consists of two states namely Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo and a third federal territory, the island of Labuan.

Malaysia's Tourist Arrival Statistic (April 2014-January 2015)
Source : Trading Economics

The statistic of tourists’ arrival in Malaysia has shown an increase from year to year since 2006 until 2015, with some decrease throughout the period. From my reading and observation, there are several obvious reasons of why Malaysia is said to be the great destination to visit. 

Firstly, I cannot deny that Malaysia owns stunningly beautiful beaches that could sweep off everyone’s feet just by staring at it, let alone swimming in those crystal clear water! I have experienced it before so I can really tell how awesome it feels to me. There are beaches that offer tourists with the experience of seeing turtles laying their eggs, bump into baby sharks and turtles while snorkeling and a weather plus the magnificent view that are just perfect to relax under the bright sun especially for people who love to tan. All checked already!

Secondly, the fact that Malaysia holds disparate race and religion makes it to have a fascinating history and culture to serve the tourists from all over the world. Simply put, I describe Malaysia as a multiethnic melting pot of Asian culture with influences from China, India and the rest of Southeast Asia. Malaysia is basically fusions of influence from a bit of everything in the Southeast Asia.

Thirdly, amazing wildlife and nature; that is how astonishing Malaysia is and one of the reasons Malaysia wins my heart. If you ever wonder where to see orang-utans in front of your eyes, head over to Borneo to see those creatures hanging out in the jungles. They are so cute and intelligent I must say! To add the excitement, take a trek up to Mount Kinabalu for incredible views of paddy fields, jungles and secluded villages.

As I listed the main factors of attraction in Malaysia, I hope that it boost up the excitement in you to explore Malaysia Truly Asia!

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