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Let’s get started!

Assalamualaikum and wishing you a very good day ahead! My name is Nur Naquisha Bt Mohd Arobi from class DEC 5B, majoring in English Communication at Mara Professional College Indera Mahkota. The existence of this blog is essentially to fulfill one of the assignments for subject Digital and Mobile Communication (ITE 3563), taught by Madam Hawinda Bt Karmon. The task is to create a blog with a theme of own liking so I chose to write about travelogue since I am passionate in wandering, especially in my own country. I will try to share as much information and guide as I can on Malaysia’s interesting places that you should know about.  Discovering the places in Malaysia has taught me to appreciate the uniqueness it owns and love my country more than ever before.

This blog is set to reach it three objectives which are :

  • To let people around the world discover the uniqueness of Malaysia
  • To encourage people to choose Malaysia as a vacation destination
  • To expose Malaysia as a multicultural country which holds variety of values

I really hope that this blog will boost up people’s interest in visiting Malaysia and explore the exclusivity it holds. Enjoy your reading and feel free to leave some comments and share your thoughts to make this blog more interesting.

Happy discovering!